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Jan 1, 2013 1:00am PST
people. first to row dell-you heard from former supervisor doesy will be recognizing you and your colleaguings and representative oh, walky kristinee and but today i stand before you to recognize our wonderful leader in the assembly fee i don't evenna who has joined us today please give her a warm welcome. and for those i do not knows here's a brief background overt last ten years that fee i don't evenna has accomplished in public service she began her public service as a member of the assessment public appeals board and to the john burden done and she was elected to the board of supervisors in 2,002 and pan banned toxic chemicals and toys and led effort to protect local woman and minority business in his contracting practices focused on woman's health and domestic violence suspicious now keep in mind this is a ten year career that i'm condensing into five bullet points? he was a pointed majority and speaker pro testimony making mer her the most senior asian woman in the state of california she pass of the legislation, again like i mentioned she led the evident and continues to
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm EST
industry. when dell said things are bad and intel said it's bad, do not sell the computer hardware stocks based that because they are competitors and suppliers. you should not sell apple and ibm, because they have little to do with intel, other than they are all tech let's know honest. you will not hear companies say, we are doing badly because that company is grabbing our lunch. they will not come out with the fault is in our stars not ourselves style revelation. the guy would get fired in an instant. you need to be able to recognize an excuse when you see it. bad news for hewlett-packard could be just bad news for them. intel and apple will say, it's only raining on hewlett packard's side of the street because business is going good where they are standing. you cannot assume that all companies in the same industry are equal. sometimes there's not any pin action. which is why i keep my pin sounds. you can't compare one company's results to the rest of the industry. that is frequently the case when the company is a loser. hey, it happens in every industry. it's not just tech stocks that h
Jan 1, 2013 6:00am EST
and southern maryland to. much of prince george's county, anna run dell getting a few sprinkles on the eastern side of the bay. good news, temperatures are above freezing where the sprinkles are on the ground. most of the road temperatures should be above freezing. elsewhere, we're above freezing into eastern west virginia. but western west virginia it's turning colder. that's coming in this afternoon. we're going to stay in the 30s to near 40 degrees. maybe a few scattered flurries or sprinkles off and on through the daylight hours. a look at tonight in ten minutes. alexis davies in for danella this morning. >> good morning, tom. on the beltway, we're seeing light volume and very few delays. we have reports of a disabled vehicle on the outer loop of the beltway. it is on the shoulder. it's near gallows road. use caution as you approach that area. taking a look at bridges as we're traveling around the area. the woodrow wilson bridge, the outer loop on the right. light volume. no delays to be seen on the american legion. the outer loop is the headlight. no delays there as well. checking -- the
Jan 1, 2013 3:05am EST
choreographers and performers for a knockabout commedia dell'arte ballet to stravinsky's "pulcinella." verdy: on the first night both jerry robbins and mr. balanchine performed the two beggars. and i think it was a little wink at some of the critics who had begun a rumor that maybe there was a little competition between the two of them. and so they said "okay, we'll show them." they were that way also in life, in a way. they would confer together. they had continuous complicity. they were plotting together. narrator: the stravinsky festival had demolished any doubt that balanchine was the preeminent ballet choreographer of the 20th century. "when i watch him work," robbins confessed in his journal "it's so extraordinary that i just want to give up." martins: i don't think i've ever met two people more different than jerry robbins and george balanchine. jerry's insecurity was astounding. balanchine's trust in himself was overwhelming. verdy: even with that incredible talent, jerry wasn't sure that it was ever good enough because it was all about love. we needed to love him a
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am EST
the democrats got, but i am worried on the second dell as they want to put social security on the line. it does nothing to do with the deficit. our taxes paid into social security. it has nothing to do with debt. i do not know why the republicans -- the republicans have been trying to get rid of social security for 70 years now and have not gotten it done. they want to take the money and give congress a raise. they want to take people's social security money and give congress a raise and what are they doing? nothing. then they want to take money and give it to the pentagon. they put all of the money into these outfits, but they want to cut social security. host: john, ap reported this morning that officials decided to use the measure to prevent the pay raise for lawmakers. i want to let you know that, and also, if you are concerned about social security on the table in what is called round two after the 113th congress convenes, which happens this thursday, by the way, at noon. they will be sworn in. "washington journal" will be up there on capitol hill talking to new lawmakers. you are concerne
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)